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Joel-Anthony Gray - Nanotechnology Writer

Joel-Anthony Gray – Nanotechnology Writer


If you work or do research in nanoscience / nanotechnology, do you have a scientific paper, publication, important sales pitch, resume, PowerPoint, report, article or even a book that requires proofreading for clarity, proper English, accuracy and effective presentation? Do you have a published science book that you feel deserves a review so as to enlighten readers in what to expect and how it may meet their needs?

I have years of experience in technical writing, a strong interdisciplinary work and educational background in most major areas of science and scientific applications including biology, chemistry, physics, semiconductor failure analysis, microscopy, electromagnetic / biomedical consulting, electrical engineering and nanoscience and possess an expert command of the English language.

Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube - Transmission Electron Microscope

Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube – Transmission Electron Microscope (Copyright – Joel-Anthony Gray)

Over the years of working in industry and academia, I have sat in on multiple defense thesis, written high level engineering reports, listened to presentations at numerous nanotechnology conferences and I now review papers, reference materials and textbooks in the course of my consulting business.

In these presentations, I OFTEN find significant typos, poor formatting and concepts presented in an unclear or even inaccurate fashion. Mistakes and stylistic choices will reflect your scientific competence and image to the audience, and can significantly undermine your goals to advance your research and even your career.

And these are all easily preventable issues, so it is well worth taking the trouble to have an expert sounding board who can rapidly find and point out areas of potential confusion and make suggestions to create a stronger and positive impression on the reader.

An example of my writing is below:

Scientific Paper Review by Joel-Anthony Gray (not my original research)

Scientific Paper Review by Joel-Anthony Gray (not my original research) – click the link below to download the full PDF version

Scientific Paper Review Nanoscience Joel-Anthony Gray

Furthermore, almost everyone uses Powerpoint, and there are some very common issues that I see repeatedly such as:

  1. Using too small of a text font for the audience to see
  2. Overcrowded text and graphics
  3. Poor color contrast between the text and the background making it hard to read
  4. Misspellings again (Yikes!)

I also have a background in vector / bitmap image editing, graphics, photography, video production, screenwriting, computer generated animation, movie production and website design so I am very qualified to review a visual presentation at several levels.

If you would like to get in touch regarding my services in scientific publication / technical sales proofreading, have suggestions for nanoscience books, wish to submit a review copy of a book on nanotechnolgy or a related field, or have some nanotechnology quiz feedback, you can contact me via the form below:


For a further list of my credentials, feel free visit my LinkedIn account at:


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