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Nanotechnology: Understanding Small Systems

Nanotechnology: Understanding Small Systems 1st Edition Hardcover by Ben Rogers, Jesse Adams, Sumita Pennathur

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Nanotechnology Understanding Small

ISBN 0849382076 –  416 pages   $65.00 on Amazon  Published 2007

This is one of my favorite introductory texts for nanoscience as the writing is clean, detailed and well-organized so that you can easily find information on specific topics. There are numerous analogies and illustrations throughout the text which do an excellent job of explaining complex topics.

The associated math is presented as a near perfect balance between supplying key equations with the necessary explanations of the symbols and constants without being overly dense. What sets this book apart from other texts are the “Back of the Envelope” sample problems in each chapter which are worked through completely with the appropriate physical insight commentary. This form of presentation breathes life into equations which might easily be confused or ignored altogether.

There are even chapter questions at the end, though the answers are in a solutions manual which is sold separately. (which makes it a good candidate for any professor teaching a university level Introduction to Nanotechnology course.

One unique chapter is devoted to scaling laws, which is the heart of what makes nanomaterials unique in properties and application. While the book is very readable and not overly sophisticated, I feel that any grad student that masters the concepts presented within will be well armed to answer or understand most nanoscience questions and concepts.

NOTE: There is now a 3rd edition of this text just published in October 2014, but I have not had the opportunity to see what changes have been made. (the page count has not gone up by much) Please note that this latest edition has won the Amazon Favorite Books of 2014 Award.