Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction – 7th Edition

Callister Materials Science

Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering 7th EditionCallister; John Wiley 2007WorldCatRead OnlineLibraryThingGoogle BooksBookFinder 

This is an excellent undergrad textbook that is logically organized and thorough in the coverage of the properties and mechanics of various materials, from ceramics to metals and polymers. Diagrams and graphs are clear and plentiful, the equations are surprisingly simple but sufficient to understand and work with the subject material and the text has a good flow with key words, definitions and concepts highlighted appropriately.

The author has done an excellent job of breaking down some high level concepts and creating interest in the subject by illustrating key points with relevant examples. (both mathematically and anecdotally) Please note that the latest edition of this book (9th Edition Published Dec 2013) has won the Amazon Favorite Books of 2014 award. The only slight detraction is that if you want a more thorough understanding of metallurgy, I have another text that goes into greater detail than this volume. (though having both is best)

However, for a book of this caliber that sells for under $15 “Used” on Amazon, it is a great deal.

ISBN: 0471736961   832 pages   $30 from Amazon  Published: Wiley February 17, 2006

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