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Nanotechnology Quiz I – Basic Level

Abstract molecular nanostructure model

This is the beginning in a series of quizzes on Nanoscience that I created. Just click on the START QUIZ button below – there are 10 questions worth 1 point each.

I have developed these nanotechnology quizzes as I am dissatisfied with the current ones found on the Internet. They are often either needlessly specific (“what is the patent number for the nanomagnetic product being worked on by Rice University as a cure for hangovers”) or are outdated as advances have been made since the quiz was published. Also, I hate multiple choice problems where they give you three silly options and one obviously correct answer. The goal should be to make you think carefully and to really test your knowledge.

And if you are up to the challenge for tougher quizzes on nanotechnology, please check out:

Enjoy! – Joel-Anthony Gray

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