CoViD-19 Coronavirus (C19) Reference Page – Pandemic ALERT Page Updated: September 4th, 2020

This is the personal reference page and official log of my research and personal solutions to dealing with the Covid-19 Coronavirus which I will refer to hereafter as simply “C19”. Notice that the official name of the virus (virion particle) is:

Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

while the infection it causes is known as:

CoViD-19 (CoronaVirus Disease 2019)

I am not a licensed medical practitioner and while I do not dispense individual health or medical advice to the public at large at this time, I am an experienced industrial health and safety professional with a sufficient background to comment about various preventative measures and possible solutions to this issue.

In that vein, I DO work with commercial companies and industrial clients as a Biomedical / Environmental & Electromagnetic Consulting Detective as shown on my home website of Regardless, I am not responsible for what you do with or without this information as explained in the disclaimer at the bottom of this page and it is solely up to your judgment and discretion as to what you want to do with the information, opinions and collection of intel on this site.*

The reason this page exists is for both my convenience in building a central page for online resources for dealing with C19 as well as a simple link that I can direct others to. I will refrain from the very basic information that has already been imparted by the CDC, WHO, etc. as this page is for those who are looking for more than simply washing their hands and social distancing.

People have different coping mechanisms with stress, the unknown, and uncharted waters. My choice is to continue calmly preparing, anticipating possible issues and coming up with creative solutions backed by sound reasoning and reliable intel. Bear in mind that there remains a LOT we do not know about Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 / C19 or just discovering so I try to remain flexible and receptive to new information if I judge it to be based on sound principles and science.

Also, in situations like this, there is a lot of mythology and misinformation that can potentially mislead or panic people unnecessarily as most people do not have a strong background in microbiology, epidemiology, virology, statistics, biochemistry, nanotechnology, industrial hygiene, risk assessment, bio-engineering, etc.

In a few cases, I leave on this page disagreements and ongoing conflicts on certain policies and recommendations both past and current (such as whether to wear a mask or not which some still do not agree on) given out by the CDC, WHO, the FDA and other regarded experts in the field to reflect contrast and how our understanding of C19 is evolving. Check the date of articles and papers so as to better orient what is old (possibly outdated / inaccurate news) and what is current understanding.


Worldometers C19 Statistical Tracking Resources – Quasi-Live TIme

This is one of the best resources I have found online as they provide information broken down by country / region, as well as important epidemiological information and they are constantly adding new features / statistics: (to help reference the C19 statistics by % of population by country plus other data)

Dallas County – Fort Worth / Tarrant County – Collin County & Surround Area Stats!/vizhome/Book3_15862351183220/DFWRegionalCases

InfoBoard developed by the Erik Jonsson ECS (Engineering & Computer Science) Center at UTD (University of Texas at Dallas which is my alma mater)

Google Maps Tracking Map – this gives a somewhat more granular and specific location of outbreaks / deaths, etc. than the John Hopkins CSSE Live Map below but it has NOT been updated since April 2020 so I may remove / replace it at some point:

John Hopkins CSSE LIVE MAP (I preferred this earlier on when it gave more concise location data for outbreaks, but now I prefer the above links)

Current Predictions for COVID-19 Trend by Country and by State

USA Leading Causes of Death Statistics (for relative comparison to C19 death toll)

USA Population by State (to help reference the C19 statistics by % of population)

Shopping for Essential Supplies in Your Area Aid

Worldwide 24 Hour Flight Tracker – for seeing trends in air travel (also, it can identify that chopper that just flew overhead if you are quick enough)

USA Interstate Trouble Map (also covers other hazards besides C19)

City of Dallas Crime Map – can be used for other locations as well with filters for date, area range, etc.,%20TX

Dallas County C19 Statistics with Shelter in Place Orders (Spanish & English versions are mislabeled)

City of Dallas Emergency Lockdown Orders as of March 23rd, 2020 (to slowly lift starting May 1st, 2020)

Why Social Distancing is a Valid Practice – Watch the Spread of Spring Break Vacationers Over Time

Current & Upcoming Concerns about C19

Another “Overlap Pandemic” on the Horizon (G4 EA H1N1)

Young People are Dying from C19

Underlying Cardiovascular Disease Co-Morbidity

Potential Supply Chain Disruptions (besides C19 protection related supplies)


Graphic Poster from:

Pepper Lab at University of Washington Paper Suggests Body’s Adaptive Immune System Will Remember C19 (still in pre-print / under peer review)

Mutations of C19 Could Complicate Matters (herd immunity, vaccine development)\

WHO Reports that Having CoViD-19 Antibodies May Not Prevent Re-Infection

Tulane INNOVATION Seminars on C19

C19 Can Live on Surfaces for Hours to Days

C19 Transmission Vectors – Atmospheric Factors, Surfaces & Infected Objects

The Rise and Fall of Hyaluronan in Respiratory Diseases (more general role of HA in Occupational Diseases)

Immunoengineering Class at University of Texas at Dallas – Fall 2020

In order to cut through the mythology and misunderstandings about CoViD-19, I am taking a class this Fall in Immunoengineering with an emphasis on C19. Before you can really understand C19, you have to understand something of how the immune system works and a bit about virology.

So far, the class is VERY informative with a highly knowledgeable professor and some sharp classmates and we are sharing information regarding this situation. We are starting a repository of scientific papers (some are still in peer review) and I will post what I can here.

Geographic Genomic Distribution of Different Clades of C19 (paper below)

Papers in Pre-Print (under peer review) COMING SOON

Non-Obvious Disinfectant Preventative Measures

Keep in mind that some of these solutions work on bacteria, fungus, certain parasites, etc. and not necessarily C19 which is STILL valuable information to have on hand for the following reasons:

  • You want to protect your immune system as well as you can.
  • There are a lot of pathogens which are already well known that can impair your health or prove just as lethal as C19.
  • You CAN develop both viral and bacterial infections of different varieties along the continuum timeline of being in ill health. (look up the term “secondary infection”)

Making your own Hand Sanitizer (that can be customized to be more effective than many store bought varieties, particularly if combined with at least 0.5 % chlorhexidine gluconate marketed as Hibiclens which is a 4% solution)

Why Is 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) a Better Disinfectant than 99% Isopropanol, and What Is IPA Used For?

Enhanced Hand Sanitizer using Citric Acid and Urea

Strategies for Reusing / Modifying Face Masks under certain circumstances (use UV-C light sterilizers or Hydrogen Peroxide vapor as mentioned below)

Alternative Disinfectants (Hibiclens, Hibistat for hand cleaning and stronger agents such as Barbicide, PDI, etc. for surface cleaning)

Barbicide Found to be Effective Against C19:

DMSO Found to Enhance Skin Sanitizers

Comparison of Common Surface Disinfectants

(older article from 2000)

List of Sanitizers Ruled as Toxic by the FDA (and other C19 related articles)

Other Infection Control Today Articles

Using UV-C Light (Ultraviolet Band C below ~280 nm) to deactivate viral reproduction (more detailed papers to come) for reuse of PPE

Basics of Ultraviolet Disinfection (UVC) Technology

Common Household Cleaning Agents vs. H1N1 Virus Paper

EPA Approved List N Surface Disinfectants Against Sars-Cov-2 (update Aug 20 2020)

EPA Acknowledges 2 Lysol Disinfectant Products are Proven to Kill C19

Making Your Own Personal Bio-Hazard Kit (still a work in process)

Quick Overview of Materials:

  • Medical grade N95 face mask (3M Model # 1860) is one of the best combinations of convenience and protection, but it is now more difficult to come by as major sellers such as Amazon and eBay have changed their selling policies regarding PPE. I currently suggest using the term “respirator” on eBay and looking for established, well-rated sellers located in the USA as shipping times will typically be shorter and there is less chance for a “bait and switch” tactic. This is when they send an inferior, incorrectly represented or even counterfeit unit, then offer you half your money back to keep the item as you will find that returning items overseas is much more expensive than most realize as it is not equal to the shipping cost TO the USA.
  • If you are fortunate enough to have one or more masks, I personally reuse them (if they are not significantly contaminated with blood, etc.) by sanitizing with a UV-C light sterilizer cabinet or hydrogen peroxide spray / vapor at 3 % and drying afterwards as a potential alternative since most people do not have a UV-C source. This practice has been confirmed as viable here:


One of the first things to typically break on a mask is the elastic band and you can shop on Amazon for replacement elastic. To repair, use a staple placed horizontally across the band but DO NOT pierce the elastic it as it will rip under stretch load.

Stanford researchers help show it’s possible to reuse N95 masks

Three Methods Discussed including Two I’ve Mentioned

YouTube Seminar on N95 Decontamination

Steam Sterilization of N95 Masks Commented On

  • An alternative to a surgical or face mask is a good half-mask respirator (3M or Honeywell) with P95, P99 or P100 filters – you can also get a belt carrier and bayonet plugs (also hard to find) for the mask to plug the holes when the filters are not attached – see CDC link below on the proper use of masks and respirators. If you already own a full face respirator / PAPR, etc., you probably don’t need schooling in this area. Some medical facilities may wish you to use their mask as they want to control the PPE and keep it consistent but in that case will supply you with a free earloop mask. Use what they give you and keep it for re-sanitization later.
  • Nitrile gloves (they were available on Amazon and in Harbor Freight, but most selections are now marked: “Available only for hospitals and government agencies directly responding to COVID-19”) so you may have to use vinyl or latex (if no latex allergies) instead. Other substitutes are PVC and neoprene which are easier to clean than porous work gloves like cloth and leather, but compromise dexterity / ease of use. I have recently found that Harbor Freight (in some stores) still sell a portion of their nitrile gloves. Note that some medical facilities do not want you wearing gloves so you might keep a bag on you to place them in.
  • Biohazard bags (6″ X 9″) or (8″ X 10″) are the most useful sizes I have found.
  • Hand sanitizer gel bottle (regular or a custom blend as described above)
  • Disinfectant solution bottle (Chlorox, Barbicide, Virocid, Lysol, HDI or similar strength solution) and / or disinfectant wipes
  • Nanosilver antimicrobial microfiber cloths such as these for wiping hands off, surfaces, mopping sweat from your brow, etc. :

Alternative Research Angles Being Investigated

I am looking into the following approaches, but I am proceeding with caution and backing up my custom solutions with hard science and research.

Essential Oils that suggest anti-viral activity that could be used topically (only when diluted) or in a diffuser / humidifier. Be careful of overblown claims and the fact that certain oils (such as undiluted tea tree oil) can be toxic to pets such as cats and dogs – do your own research and err on the side of caution.

Some reasonable precautions and tips can be found here though I do not blanket endorse everything written in this article:

Antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral effects of three essential oil blends – Microbiology Open (some admitted conflict of interest mentioned in the paper)

Medical News Today

Nano-particle colloidal solutions (AgNP) which may inhibit C19 activity:

Antiviral activity of silver nanoparticle / chitosan composites against H1N1 influenza A virus

How Disinfectants Work

What is Disinfectants and Mode of Action of Disinfection solution?

Using Lasers to Destroy Bacteria & Viruses (not very practical and I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS as the equipment is sophisticated, expensive, needs to be tuned correctly, operated by an expert etc. ) There is some research on using lasers to DETECT viruses which I think would be a potentially more useful application.

Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2): Test Kits to Detect the Causative Agent of COVID-19

Scientific Papers & Authoritative Resources

Resource Links for Research

CDC Information for Laboratories

Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL 5th Edition; 6th Edition in Draft Form now)

NIH Guidelines for Recombinant / Synthetic DNA Nucleic Acids

ABSA Risk Group Database

International Reagent Resource

MiniPCR Educational Resources including for CoVid-19

Some Promising Developments (Vaccines & Treatments in Progress) and C19 Theories–it-might-just-work/#48d010495c49

Mixed Testing Results of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) Treatment

Lariam (Mefloquine) Antimalaria Drug Can Have Side Effects

Most Anti-Malarial Chemoprophylaxis Can Have Sides Effects

Lessons Learned by Hospitals

Origin of the Novel Coronavirus SARS-Cov-2Natural Mutation or Engineered Bioweapon?

Coronavirus – 5G Cellular Phone Link Discussed by Expert

I am an expert in the field of bioelectromagnetics and these are some of the points that Mr. Martin Glendhill makes about what I consider one of the most absurd bits of misinformation about C19:

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Section

Different Types of N95 Masks
CoViD-19 PPE from N95Decon.Org

The Science of Why Masks Reduce Potential Viral Exposure

Differing Opinions from Experts on What You Should Wear

FDA Says N95 Respirators Not for Use by Public (who are now required to wear these or other face coverings in many places – this is an older article)

However, Laredo, TX Passes Ordinance Requiring Face Masks in Public

CDC Now Advising Citizens to wear Face Coverings (April 3rd, 2020) – also WHO as well of this writing

Best N95 Masks and Respirators Rated (primarily for comfort)

Doctor Siegel Commenting on Wearing Gloves by the Public

Old Link Showing How Fast Protective Information for the Public Changes

Coronavirus Infections Could Fall if 80 percent of People Wore Masks

Some Health Experts in Other Countries (Nordic) Still Not Mandating Masks


Worldwide Efforts to Combat C19 (not comprehensive, but some efforts of note)

Ultimate Medical Hackathon: How Fast Can We Design and Deploy an Open Source Ventilator?

Ventilator Design Challenge – Montreal General Hospital Foundation (this is not easy – winner to be announced April 15th)

Or Less Sophisticated But Effective Approaches (Helmet Ventilator produced by a small company in Waxahachie, TX that meets FDA requirements and is shipped and used in hospitals throughout the United States)

Calling on the Public to Make N95 Masks or Equivalent

*LEGAL NOTICE – All information on this website either written or implied is the either the express opinion of Joel-Anthony Gray of ScanTech Technical Consulting or the unverified study / report / findings of a 3rd party. ScanTech Technical Consulting and it’s owners are not responsible or liable for any damages arising from the misuse, misinterpretation or other consequences of the content of this website either in part or in whole.

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“Do You Want To Play A Game?”

I realize that people have been warned not to use the now notorious game Plague Inc. to model the C19 virus, it is not accurate, etc.

But I started playing this addictive app back in 2012 and I find it to be fairly educational about the possibilities of mutation, epidemiology of virulence, fatality rates and most importantly, the reaction of governments and societies to the reality of a pandemic.

Many of the patterns of the C19 virus and the responses we are seeing (quarantine, shutting down flights, public buildings, sheltering in place, etc.) are eerily mirrored in Plague Inc. and I now find myself living in one of the custom scenarios. It is a bit surreal because the steps that are being taken now to contain and cure C19 are very familiar stages of the game and it does resemble reality closely enough that I do recommend that people not be discouraged from learning a bit about the science of disease control.

This is where I disagree with the naysayers who discourage using the game for what I consider to be “informative purposes beyond mere entertainment”.

The developer of the game, James Vaughn, has gone to great effort to make the game as realistic as possible, though some of the scenarios (literal zombies, werewolves, and the Planet of the Apes) are based more on the mythology and science fiction of these creatures.

BTW, I do NOT take C19 itself lightly or view it as “just a game”. The casualties and effect on our lives are quite real and ongoing, and it would not surprise me if an “inverse-flip” version of the game comes out where your job is to save humanity and not eradicate it which I hope is the goal of every sane person on this delicate planet.